Industrial Chiller E5000

Industrial chiller


Water cooled industrial chiller is widely used in plastic industry, electronics, plating, chemical industry, ultrasonic wave cooling, printing and others. This kind of Water cooled industrial chillers can precisely control the temperature requested by the modernized machinery production, and it greatly improved the production efficiency and quality. EMAR Water cooled industrial chiller doesn’t require cooling tower, which is easy to install and remove. EMAR Water cooled chiller is the best choice for the modernized industry and it features easy operation, reasonable design, high quality and various models.

Technology Specifications:

• Compact thermolysis type industrial water chiller

• Long working life and simple operation

• Equipped with water flow alarm and over temperature alarm

• Cooling Capacity: 600 Watt

• Power supply: 220 V 10 Amps (Max)

• Net weight:  20 KG

• Dimension: 750 x 450 x 400 mm

• Compatible laser tube wattage: <= 2 x 120Watt

• Compatible Spindle wattage = 4x5HP Water cooled spindles

• Maximum water flow rate = 30 L/min

• Maximum water pressure = 3 Bar

• Low noise