EMAR mills are equipped with high-quality industrial milling parts and components, from liner guides, ball screws, high speed spindles, servo & stepper motors, drivers and bearings to cast iron chassis and even electrostatic paint. Without compromising quality, this machine is unmatched in its price range.

The EMAR mills components are designed for precision, longevity and with variety of options and accessories, which enables you to operate the machine in various applications without further adjustments or installations. EMAR Vertical machine centers will allow you to work at full capacity around the clock, while maintaining consistent high precision without limitations.

EMAR mills come with 4-Axis simultaneous rotaries, which are able to produce complex work pieces with high precision and without the need for further rework. EMAR is simply offering you a very high equipment flexibility with low cost of ownership making it without doubt your ideal choice for good price – performance ratio.



EMAR dental mills are equipped with high-quality industrial milling technologies, such as grey cast-iron  chassis,  stainless steel enclosures, ground ball screw and high accuracy AC servo motors in all axes, as well as absolute tool length measuring system, and high  speed main spindles.

The extremely stable design of the grey cast iron base, all along with the high dynamic aerospace aluminum grade alloy parts provide maximum vibration damping and stability, which enables precise machining in round blank and block form.

The ED5X components are designed for precision, longevity and with the latest technological standards, as it includes a fully integrated automatic 14–tool change system, which enables you to operate the machine system at full capacity around the clock,  while maintaining consistent high precision. Thus, the machine system is ideally suited for large labs and milling centers, where these high-quality standards and large quantities are at the forefront.

EMAR‘s 5-axis simultaneous technology can produce complex dentures with diverging stumps and undercut areas without further rework, while offering very high equipment flexibility. Therefore, ED5X is your ideal choice for good price-performance ratio.



A plug & play rapid prototyping machine ready for high quality 3D printing. Being affordable, reliable, and user-friendly, this machine delivers consistent results – suitable for a wide range of applications. It features swappable nozzles, heated glass build plate, and open filament system.


Designed for BIG industrial-grade results, EBOT 3D printers allow you to print big models in one go without breaking them down into separate parts that need to be assembled. That’s particularly important when durability is of the essence as joints are usually the weakest spots in the structure. EBOT 3D printers cut assembly time while making prints more durable with an increased structural strength.