Mechanical Design

Mechanical design is the crown jewel of the services provided by Emar. It combines technical expertise and creative disciplines to solve mechanical design challenges by integrating the latest in 3D modeling, rendering,
and simulation technologies to convert innovative concepts into efficiently manufactured, finished products.

Embedded Software Design

If you can control it, then you don’t have to worry about the results. Believing in this, Emar builds its innovative and customized embedded control solutions for variety of systems using the latest technologies,
and with the same disciplinary attitude adopted in all its services.

Automation and Control systems

EMAR’s passion in technology and automation fuels its innovative solutions.
High performance automation solutions are designed and customized in Emar for the toughest engineering dilemmas.

CNC Router & Milling

In adherence to its belief in high-precision finish,
Emar presents a range of accurate CNC router and milling services using the field cutting-edge technology.


In the heart of its prototyping solutions, Emar delivers a variety of LASER cutting services and products ,
metal & non-metal,with the required precision and the prominent high-quality finish of LASER cutting technology.

3D Printing

EMAR offers 3D printing facility as a part of its wide range prototyping services.


EMAR offers a complete welding support services, including but not limited to ARC, TIG, Spot welding & Soldering.